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Music Tapadero RemudaMusic from Holo Holo PanioloMusic from HoulihanMusic from Los PrimerosMusic from Tierra EncantadoMusic from MulaMusic from CowpuncherMusic from Bayou CowboysMusic from Cow Hunters

David Manzanares and
Michael Manzanares
Song: Pais
Song: Prelude to La Carrer
CD: Manzanares Vivir

Pedro Márquez
Song: Who Needs Ol’ Montana
Song: Amigo
Song: Me Quiero Casar
Song: Cowcamp Moon
CD: Cowboy Songs and Range Ballads

David Clay
Song: Cowboy Town
CD: Hey Love — Say Love Written &

Rod Taylor
Song: Dust & Horns
Song: Bonita Canyon Drive
Song: Pecos Puncher


Flying J Wranglers
James Hobbs
Song: Where The West Begins
CD: Song for New Mexico

Don Edwards
Song: Railroad Corral from CD: Saddle Songs

Song: Dark Moon
CD: Turquoise Visions

Ernie Sites
Song: Little Cow Poke
CD: Ernie Sites Saddle Bags and Wishes

Ken Moore
Song: Spring Winds
CD: Bringin’ The Wild Ones In

Shirley Metzler & Bill Bailey
Song: Minuet Swing from CD:
Frontiersmen 2, The Best of New Mexico